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Admissions & Enrollment

At Good Shepherd Catholic School, we believe education transforms lives. That’s why we invite you to review the information below and start the admissions process with us today. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Returning Students

New Students

Academic Requirements

Enrollment Process

For Returning students, we need the form attached below to be completed and sent in.

For new students, please complete the appropriate application, attached below, and return it to the school.

Families interested in admission to Good Shepherd School should fill out the enrollment application and submit it with the student's most recent report card and/or standardized testing results along with a $50 nonrefundable application fee.

Once an application has been received, the student will be invited to spend a day at school, shadowing a student in his or her class.  A meeting with the parents and principal will also be scheduled at this time.  Placement testing may be required at the principal's discretion.

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Kindergarten-8th Grade
2023-2024 Tuition

Early Education Program
2023-2024 Tuition


Kindergarten - 8th Grade Tuition:

General K-8 Tuition - $6,600

Catholic Student K-8 - $5,750

(with the diocesan discount)

Discount for the second K-8 child in a family -  $400

Discount for the third and subsequent

K-8 children in a family - $600 per child.

These rates reflect the subsidy provided by the Diocese of Burlington, Vermont for a student registered in a Catholic parish.  

Preschool - 3 days a week - $2,850

Preschool/Pre-k - 5 days a week - $4,150

Extended Care - Noon to 5:00


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Good Shepherd Childcare center
2023-2024 Tuition


Infants and toddlers - $225/week

Children ages 3 - 5 - $200/week

(during summer and school vacations)

Good Shepherd Catholic School prepares students for a life of learning, service, compassion, personal excellence and faith in God.

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